Work With Me

My name is Tito Nunes, I am a graphic and 3D designer with an illustration and photography background, based in Toronto, Canada. I am a detail driven designer who is highly motivated in achieving meaningful and captivating designs. When I'm not creating designs, I can often be found in the wilderness with my camera in hand or using my face as a treat for my pal Tequila (the chihuahua). 


I believe the meaning behind a design is as important as both the journey and the outcome. For me, the best designs are created when these three elements are intertwined into one. The process is what drives me, dissecting problems and discovering pieces of the puzzle to create a solution.



My work focuses on anything graphic and design related. To be more specific, conceptual design, branding, logos, packaging, digital paintings, illustrations, 3D sculpting and photography are my main focus.


I'm also very familiar with many other means of design and skill sets such as mold making, 3D printing (SLA & FDM), casting with epoxy resins, soldering and welding. Mixing more than one of these methods together is quite common in my process, whether using analog or digital technologies, whatever it takes to achieve the projects needs.

The programs I most often use for my work are:


After Effects

Premiere Pro

Fusion 360

Substance Painter


I'd love to collaborate and work with you on your upcoming project. Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss rates, scheduling and more.