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Terminal is a board game created as a personal project that is based on relativity and the conservation of energy. It has been in development for about 2 years. During this time, research was conducted on the subject matter, different types of board games, and game mechanics.


The objective of the game is to demonstrate how relativity and energy coincide as an entity and how prevalent they are to our very existence, while using an atypical manner to explain the subject matter. The purpose is to educate individuals without using data and information in complex ways that would normally disinterest them. The intent is for individuals, who may have little to no knowledge of the subject, to become fully immersed and intrigued by their own will and interest. Large, hard-to grasp ideas needed to be scaled down in order to be better manipulable and understood.


The board game concept fits well and proves to be a suitable vehicle to communicate this kind of information. In the end, if the execution is successful as well as communicated correctly, information on the subject matter will be passed on and participants will gain an understanding on the topic.


 Many different aspects of design were used in the process for creating Terminal and all its components. Illustration, digital painting, typography, 3D modeling and 3D printing were some of the skillsets used to help bring Terminal to life. Many other techniques that aren’t as obvious, such as mold making, packaging, photography were also used to help bring the entire game and its design together.


Below are some of the game’s components and the design techniques that were used. This is only a sneak peak, the rules and mechanics of the game itself aren’t revealed here.

Game Components

Below are some pieces that belong to the game Terminal. Many parts of the game aren't shown here, in efforts to keep the majority of the game concealed. However, to what is being shown, you can hover and click on individual items to access more information.

These are the six characters that players can choose from when playing Terminal. Each one has different traits and abilities that can be used throughout the game.

Discovery Card F.png
Discovery Card.png
System Upgrade Card.png
Hostile Card.png
System Card.png

These are the three decks used in the game, Discovery, Hostile, and System cards.


This is a digital painting of Murphy wearing her space helmet. This graphic is only found on the packaging and instructions manual.

Some of the 3D components used in the game.

Hover and click on a component to open more information about it.