Bill Skull Title 2.png

Bill's Skull came to be when I found myself running out of present tags back in December 2018. I was packaging a gift I had purchased for a friend (Crystal Head Vodka), and completely ran out of tags to use for identifying the gift receiver and giver. Then it came to me, I'll just make him a custom skull with a "To:" and "From:" under it. So I went and did just that.

It was a couple months later I received some positive feedback from others asking if they can get their own Bill's Skull made. They really didn't need to say much more. Shortly after I printed another version with my logo replacing the "To:" and "From:" underneath and made a silicone mold. Since then there has been 6 different versions created from the original design.

This model was created using Zbrush.
​ UV maps were created in Substance Painter. Model renders were made with Blender using Cycles. The completed model was printed using an SLA printer.

Completed in 2019.

3D Model
TND Bill's Skull Model
3D Render
TND Bill's Skull Render
Physical Model
TND Bill's Skull Keychains

The Six Physical Versions

The six variants are: Scorched Earth, Aged White, Eye Blown, Mind Blown, Onyx Black, and Aged Tan. Click the images to open their respected album.

The original Bill's Skull was painted a black metallic flake. Since the model was designed to be a one-off at first, I simply cleaned up the 3D print, primed and painted it.

Since I knew I would be making copies, I figured making a mold from a master and then casting using that would be more efficient.


These are a few process shots of developing the sculpture.