This sculpture is of a character named Grunt from the video game Mass Effect. Grunt has been a favourite character of mine for years, his charming personality and good looks are what really made him memorable. Even if you're not a Mass Effect fan, or have never heard of Grunt, you could probably tell I'm being sarcastic. Jokes aside, he is an amazing character. Grunt is very well designed, he's full of details and I've always wanted to bring him to life; as a figurine of course. 


This bust of Grunt was created from scratch using Zbrush.​ Once completed, the Grunt model was then scaled down and printed using an SLA printer.

Completed in 2018, retouched in 2019.


Video created for introducing the Grunt bust sculpture. Video created using Blender and audio later added in Premier.


These are a few process shots of developing the sculpture.