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Gruntkie Grunt Keycap Banner Tito Nunes Design

This keycap is based of off an earlier sculpture I created of a character named Grunt. It was designed to be both functional and accurate. Before the project started, it was imperative that the key functioned as intended, while not sacrificing the look of the character Grunt. Fitting the detailed attributes of Grunt around a squared shape object was difficult, especially since that object needed to be hollowed out to allow a switch to retract into it. To top it off, a cylinder spline with CherryMX registrations needed to be added in the right spot in order to sit correctly and firmly on the mechanical switch. 


This Keycap was created from scratch using Zbrush.​ Once the design was completed, it was printed using an SLA printer. From there the keycap was sanded and silicone molds were created. The molds were then used to make various copies of the model.

Completed in 2019.

Gruntkie Grunt Keycap Tito Nunes Design
Gruntkie Grunt Keycap Tito Nunes Design
Gruntkie Grunt Keycap Tito Nunes Design

Keyrogan displayed on a mechanical switch test board.

Gruntkie Grunt Keycap Print Tito Nunes Design


These are a few process shots of developing the sculpture.