Terminal Large Energy Cell Tito Nunes Design


The large energy cell was designed after the much smaller game piece. Specs and details from the original small size piece were taken and expanded. In order to meet the size restrictions of the FDM printing bed, the model then had to be sliced into sections. Further alterations were required in order to accommodate components like the screen, lights, batteries and processor. Later on, further details such as a functioning handle and magnetic interlocking joints, to name a few, were created to help bring the whole model to life.

The intention for the larger scaled model was for it to be displayed as a prop. The idea was to show the audience what the actual cell would look like in a 1:1 scale. After completion, the model was displayed at the exhibition alongside the board game, Terminal: Couriers of Existence.

This piece was created in 2018.

Terminal Large Energy Cell Banner Tito Nunes Design


Originally the model started off as a sketch, which was then turned into a digital design, and finally converted to a 3D rendered model that I designed and texturized. In earlier versions, the cell had fewer details due to the restrictions that came with FDM printing. Details and variations were created along the way, especially when the option to print in SLA became a possibility. This image is of the final 3D rendered model I created to be used in Terminal’s website.



A side by side of the original game piece and the large prop version shows just how big the larger version is. A one dollar coin is added for better reference.


These are a few shots of some process. Click the images for descriptions!