The Legendary Scar Trophy

This trophy sculpture is designed after the video game Fortnite. The legendary scar is a weapon found in the game and often sought out by most players due to its accuracy and power. The trophy was an idea created for fans to collect and have their own in-game names displayed on. Name used on this trophy example is of a close friend. 


This Legendary Scar Trophy was created from scratch using Zbrush and stands at just over 2"1/4  tall.​ Once completed, the trophy was printed using an SLA printer. From there it was sanded and silicone molds were created. The molds were used to make copies of the model, which were then painted and assembled.

Completed in 2019.

Fortnite Scar Trophy Banner Tito Nunes Design
Fortnite Scar Trophy Logo Tito Nunes Design

The scar's magazine has a 2mm x 1mm neodymium magnet installed into it, allowing the magazine to snap into the receiver. This detail was added to make the model more intriguing and interactive. Upon removing the magazine, individuals can observe the small details like bullet casings that are found inside.

Fortnite Scar Trophy Tito Nunes Design



Breakdown video of the scar 3D model in Zbrush. 


Model process from 3D print, sanding, creating molds, casting, and painting.