The objective was to solve or help aid an ongoing problem happening somewhere in the world. With full freedom for selecting a topic, I chose the water crisis in Mumbai. I knew when choosing this topic, the possibilities to apply my solution could also be used within other applications.

The mission consisted of a self sustainable rig that would be placed in the ocean, collecting energy with its blanket of floating solar panels. This rig would both collect the required energy and some, to power the pumps that provide the facility on shore with sea water from the rig itself. This facility would then consist of a desalination process, using these specified filters, to then turn sea water into drinking water.

My solution was to partner up with Lockheed Martin and work on creating a desalination filter that could be used to help create a solution for Mumbai. This proposal consisted of a full writeup, digital paintings, illustrations and infographics showing the process. The model created above was one part of my submission for this answer to solve the water crisis.

Completed in 2016



A cut through look at the filter and its inner contents.

THINK (3 of 3)2.jpg